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Float Offer for Businesses Affected by COVID-19

A crucial element of running a business is thinking about and planning for the ‘What Ifs’ that inevitably arise. This could not be more relevant given the impact that the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak is already having and will have on the global economy.

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As well as the traumatic human impact of worry, illness and even death, the Covid-19 pandemic is also going to negatively impact the cash flow of millions of small businesses and their employees around the world. 

Small businesses that are the lifeblood of global economies. 

Solving short-term cash flow issues

Float is also a small business, so we totally understand the operational and financial pressures that often come with the territory. 

Frustration at the financial uncertainty many small businesses face on a daily basis, even under ‘normal’ circumstances, is why Float exists. It’s what drives our mission to help small businesses to gain a clear picture of their future finances. Float’s easy-to-use, intuitive budgeting and scenario planning tools can help small businesses plan for those ‘What Ifs’ and make contingency plans for their businesses. This has never been more relevant than right now.

If you’re not sure, or you’re not confident about how to budget, forecast and plan for the months ahead, speak with your accountant or bookkeeper who is there to help you plan and figure things out. If you don’t have an accountant or bookkeeper, we know loads of great accredited Float accountant and bookkeeper partners and would be more than happy to introduce you – please just contact us.

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Nick Col

Nick Cole

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