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Why KR Installations Use Float

“We’re a family-run business headed by me (Kerryn) and my business partner, Robbi. We’re based in Australia and we manufacture aluminium windows, doors, shower screens and staircases.

We Used to Use Excel


We used to use an Excel spreadsheet to manage our cash flow. I tried various set-ups to try and minimise my time spent on this, but I found it very difficult.  It just didn’t give us the ‘up to the minute’ information which I think is vital.

As our business grew and got busier, it became more difficult. I always had an idea of where our business was at but to have accurate, trustworthy information was difficult. I kept searching for something else to use because keeping the cash flow up to the minute was exhausting.

“Float really has refined our business and helped us truly plan areas that needed more focus.”

Why We Use Float

I came across Float after we changed our accounting program and it seemed as though fit perfectly with what we were trying to access.

As a small business owner, I needed something easy to use but that also provided me with useful information quickly.

Now we can see up-to-the-minute information with regard to our cash flow. Not only that, but it has made our record keeping easier to fine-tune! For example, I can easily locate when something has been costed to a wrong area, simply because of Float.

It really has refined our business and helped us truly plan areas that needed more focus.

Why I Recommend Using Float to Others

KR Installations

I’ve recommended Float to various businesses (large and small) and have had great feedback from them. I love that we can set up a budget (or several budgets) for different scenarios and compare when we are making a large purchase decision.

The more information we put in, the more powerful it becomes.  I love it and know that if we’d had this a few years ago we would have had much more accurate data.

Knowledge is power, and that power is used to grow our business with stronger foundations.

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Kerryn Hall

Kerryn Hall is the Managing Director of KR Installations.