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How Emma Fox Uses Float to Enhance Her Advisory Services

Emma Fox is a Xero Gold Partner, bookkeeper extraordinaire and Float partner based in East Sussex with her award-winning firm, Fresh Financials.  

Find out how Emma combines habitual financial management and technology to help her clients to flourish.

The importance of daily bookkeeping

Before jumping into Emma’s story with Float, we spoke about something that’s incredibly important to her: daily bookkeeping. 

“It’s keeping everything habitual. Process is so important when it comes to keeping track of people’s finances.” For Emma, she knows that keeping on top of her clients’ finances is just as important as talking to them about changes in their business.

“It’s all about trust, really. Our clients happily come to us and say, ‘as long as you’re monitoring it, I’m quite happy’, which is just amazing to hear.”

Jumping regularly into Xero and updating things means that all of her clients’ financial data is kept up to date. Meaning, when it comes to using tools like Float, everything is as accurate as possible.


Testing tech with a trusted client 

But before jumping on board with Float, Emma needed to make sure that it was the right choice for Fresh Financials.

Knowing that technology is only as good as the people using it, Emma uses the clients she trusts the most when it comes to getting to grips with new apps. 

“We don’t charge them any extra but we work with them to document the process and see whether it’s worth rolling out to our client base.”

In fact, one of Emma’s go-to software-testing clients is Emma Pearce of Pearce Marketing – featured in one of our latest customer stories! 

“Emma’s just amazing,” Emma gushes when asked about their client-advisor relationship. “She’s so tech-savvy and is our guinea pig for just about everything.” It’s clear that Emma Pearce truly cherishes her relationship with Emma, too, and you can read more about it here

What’s in a name, right?

“We just hate blagging things,” Emma continues, “and when you have a client you can trust and who will always give you honest feedback, it makes sense to try out new technology on them.”

With Float, Emma says, it was a lightbulb moment for Fresh Financials. “Even with clients that never understood cash flow, they just immediately got it.” 


Packing Float into Advisory services

“We’ve had a big old jiggle,” says Emma with a laugh. “It’s about that time of year where we’re reviewing things, so there’s a mixed approach to how we offer Float right now.”

“It very much depends on the client, what they get from us already, and their needs.” 

With a new Project Management system in place, Emma and her team at Fresh Financials are able to review the financial health of their current clients faster and easier, which allows them to offer the right advice at the right time. 

And with new clients coming on board, they automatically get Float as part of their app stack.

“But whoever we’ve offered Float to, and I’m hoping it’s not just because our clients are brilliant, they just look at Float and suddenly go, ‘oh! Now I get it!’”. 

One client, for instance, thought that they wouldn’t need cash flow forecasting. But when Emma introduced them to Float, he was then able to track when he’d be able to pay himself dividends.

“It solves problems people didn’t even know they had.”

“For this client in particular, he’s in professional services, and his bank balance is super healthy, which means that cash flow isn’t too hard to keep track of. But we were able to track when it would be best for him to pay himself so that the cash flow wouldn’t take a hit.” 

“That’s the thing with Float, it has a use case for any business, regardless of the sector, or the health of the bank balance.” 

For Emma and her clients, Float truly is certified fresh. 


To find out more about what Emma Fox has to say about Float, check out the video we shot with her when she visited our office:


Customer Story: Emma Fox 🦊


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Or why not sign up to Float now and see what it can do for your firm, and your clients?! 

Catriona Bane

Marketing Executive with a passion for helping small business owners get to grips with their cash flow.