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Now You Can Duplicate Existing Cash Flow Scenarios

In this ever-changing world in which we’re living (thanks, Mr McCartney) scenario planning has never been more important. So in response to customer feedback, we’re delighted to let you know you can now use an existing cash flow scenario as the basis for a new scenario at the click of a button.

Picture the scene: you’ve spent valuable time perfecting your cash flow scenario, and now you want to use that scenario as a basis for another scenario – except with a couple of slight tweaks. The good news is now you can. You don’t have to build your new ‘what if’ scenario from scratch, you can use an existing scenario by copying it and save a whole bunch of time.

scenario duplication

Want to know how to duplicate cash flow scenarios in Float? Watch this vid where our UX cool dude Jamie shows you how…


So as coronavirus is constantly changing the world around us, you can quickly add a new scenario to reflect potential future changes to your cash flow. For example, pre-coronavirus you might have been thinking of hiring a new employee and you made a scenario in Float accordingly. However, now you want to delay that hire for a couple of months, but everything else (for now!) remains more or less the same. By giving you the option to duplicate the first scenario and update it, we’ve made it fast and simple to find out what impact this decision will have on your cash flow.

Want to give it a whirl? We’re running an extended free trial to help businesses get through this tricky time, try out Float now.

Louise Bayley-Boyd

Digital enthusiast, passionate about helping small businesses survive and thrive.