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Float are a Founding App Partner of App Advisory Plus

Float recently joined forces with App Advisory Plus and became a Founding App Partner of the platform! 

We could not be more thrilled to be part of such an exciting platform that aims to help accountants and bookkeepers to support their clients to run better, more efficient, and profitable businesses!


Why App Advisory Plus?

There is a huge pressure on accounting/bookkeeping firms to offer advisory services in an increasingly competitive market.

Added to this pressure is the sheer number of apps available in the accounting ecosystem – with over 700 available on the Xero Marketplace alone(!) – and it can be incredibly difficult to know where to start when looking for apps to help your firm and your clients. Which is exactly why Will Farnell, James Kay, and Frances Kay of Farnell Clarke, Emma Fox, and Jonathan Fox have all joined forces to create App Advisory Plus!

As accountants and bookkeepers themselves, the team at Farnell Clarke, Emma, and Jonathan recognised the opportunity to offer a streamlined solution to the very real issue of app-fatigue. And in doing so, they have created a platform to empower their fellow accountants and bookkeepers to pick the right apps for themselves and their clients.

We are so proud to call Will, Emma, and Jonathan, friends as well as Float partners, as we know just how hard they work to bring their clients valuable and insightful information to help make confident business decisions at every turn. It’s so thrilling to see them bring their knowledge and experience of the accounting ecosystem to this new platform and we can’t wait to join them on their journey! 


To find out more about App Advisory Plus – and to see for yourself why Float have decided to become a Founding App Partner – why not check out their website?!



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Catriona Bane

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