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4 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Accountant in your Life ?

It’s that time of year again, the halls are being decked, the cards are being sent and there is still someone left to buy for. Someone special, someone close to your heart, someone who works their assets off. Some would say your accountant’s gift is the most important of all, so this is something you want to get right.


Here are 4 gift ideas you can use to show your appreciation to someone who does your depreciation.

Casio Wrist Watch

Do you always struggle between buying a watch or a calculator for Christmas? Us too, but thanks to Casio never again do you have to make the Sophie’s Choice of Christmas gifts. With this watch-calculator hybrid your accountant can remember the 80’s fondly, do calculations on the run, look fly and always be on time for your meetings. Bizarrely, this watch-ulator has space for up to 25 names and telephone numbers. Some would say that man isn’t ready for this kind of power.

Solar Powered Pocket Calculators

What’s better than getting a calculator for Christmas? That’s right, getting two calculators for Christmas! This year you can give the gift of two ultra-thin credit card-sized solar power pocket calculators. These calculators are solar powered, meaning that even if there is an apocalypse the calculations will live on, in gold-lined style. So why not give the calculator that inspired one Amazon reviewer to write “Light, strong, …….. EXCELLENT!!!!”

A Printing Calculator

accountant christmas gift ideas

The Aurora Desktop Printing Calculator is the stuff of legend. This pragmatic little number will let your accountant display AND print their calculations as well as the time and date, in glorious technicolour (ok, just red and black). Never again must a sum be forgotten to time, instead it can be printed and kept on the fridge for your accountant to remember the good times when 837 minus 546 equalled 291 at 3.48pm on the 30th of September 2016. This one is for the sentimental among us.

Helect H1001 Standard Function Desktop Calculator

If your accountant is ironically anti-establishment and would like to avoid the old boys club of calculation then why not break the mould and go for a more minimalistic model? Too long have flashy big brands such as Canon, HP and Casio dominated the multi-thousand pound market of calculators. It’s time the underdog ‘Helect H1001 Standard Function Desktop Calculator’ had its day. With reviews such as “they work fine in our office”, “Cheap but perfect” and “It’s just ok but thank you” your accountant will surely be blown away by this bad boy.

Choose any one of these calculators for the number cruncher in your life and they are guaranteed to have a Merry Christ-maths.



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